Prava i prevodi, as the affiliate office of P. & R. Permissions & Rights Ltd. is responsible for the promotion and endorsement of the television business of P. & R., as well as the translation, subtitling and the publicity of licensed programmes. The scope of the activity of the television business is limited to the countries of former Yugoslavia only.

P. & R. Permissions & Rights Ltd. is the co-owner of MAG Network, a group of local, non-commercial television stations, financed either by local councils or private companies. It is also managing complete television programmes aired on two leading children's cable channels:

Super Kids TV and Dečija TV.

In co-operation with RTV Pink, P. & R. Permissions & Rights Ltd. has created five cable channels, and is responsible for their editorial content and broadcast.

Prava i prevodi owns one of the best-equipped television studios, specialised in subtitling and translation of television programmes, used by the majority of local television stations.

P. & R. Permissions & Rights Ltd. is also a major distributor of foreign television titles to TV stations in: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,

Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, including programmes from: the BBC, ITV, France Television Distribution, All3media, DreamWorks,

Lagardere, Newen, DCD Rights, DRG, Trust Nordisk, ZDF, ORF, DR, AB Svensk Filmindustri, to mention a few only.