Prava i prevodi, as the affiliate office of Permissions & Rights Ltd. is responsible for the promotion and endorsement of television business of P&R, the publicity for the programmes available to local TV stations, as well as the translations and subtitling of the licensed programmes. The scope of activity in television business is limited to the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Permissions & Rights Ltd. is the co-owner of MAG Network, the group of local, non-commercial television stations, financed either by local councils, or private companies. It is also managing complete television programmes aired on two leading children's cable channels: TV Ultra and TV Mini Ultra.

In co-operation with RTV Pink, Permissions & Rights Ltd. has created five cable channels, and is responsible for their editorial content and broadcast.

Prava i prevodi owns one of the best-equipped studios, specialized in the subtitling and translation of television programs, used by the majority of local television stations.

Permissions & Rights Ltd. is also a major distributor of foreign television titles to television stations in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia, including programmes from: the BBC, ITV, France Television Distribution, All3media, DreamWorks, Lagardere, Newen, DCD Rights, DRG, Trust Nordisk, ZDF, ORF, DR, AB Svensk Filmindustri, to mention a few only.